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Since moving over from theatre I've been working on a number of specs. I write across genres, with a slant towards tense, psychological thrillers.


Chain Free

Psychological horror

When her partner fails to experience the torment she endures by a ghostly presence in their new house, a psychologist must question if it’s all in her head or something much worse, to come out of this alive.

2021 BlueCat Screenplay Semi-finalist (top 75/4388)


Coming-of-age comedy

In the 90's world of Kappa, R&B and Babysham, a popularity obsessed fourteen-year-old girl develops a conscience and forges a relationship with her previously despised, goofy younger sister when they are forced together for a week at an Estonian camp in Leicester.



Four-part, Black-comedy/thriller

After being robbed and receiving creepy messages, a boss-bitch maitre d’ must challenge whether she’s as in control of the relationships in her life as she thinks, to uncover the stalker before he exposes her darkest secrets for all to see.

Burying The Lead

Six-part, half-hour comedy drama

On the verge of adulthood, a quirky teen, at odds with how people see her, finds herself at a crossroads between her obsession with drama and her lack of confidence, when a notorious cat killer attacks on her tranquil middle class London street.

The View From The Hill

Two-part period drama 

Whilst secretly trying to find out the truth about her late mother's mental illness, a young idealistic nurse's ethics are tested when she falls for a shell shocked WW1 soldier at her asylum.

I also have multiple short films and a spec of The Big Bang Theory.

If you'd like to read treatments or full scripts of any of the above, please contact me.

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